Scotland Tour: Highland Games in the Village of Kenmore

One day a year, the Scottish village of Kenmore hosts its Highland Games festival — and our tour group was lucky enough to be there, mixing it up with the locals enjoying an amazing Scottish scene…perfectly through the Back Door. The open field (just a short walk from our hotel) was filled with families having a delightful day out watching tug-of-wars, little kids’ sprints, gunnysack races, bands of marching pipers, and Highland dancing. While the girls impatiently and anxiously awaited their time with the bagpiper on stage, the big boys took turns tossing big things: Stones, hammers, and the caber (a log the size of a small telephone pole) were sent end-over-end to the delight of those gathered.

Over the next few days, I’ll share a few videos from the festivities. But for now, enjoy these photos.

Little dancer #691 was a model of grace, focus, and composure.