Scotland Tour: A Fogbow Kicks off our Tour’s Last Day

As my Best of Scotland in 10 Days tour winds down, it strikes me how quickly it’s all gone.  Here are a few memorable photos from late in the tour.


I’ve seen a lot of things for my first time during this tour. One thing I didn’t expect to see was a fogbow. In front of our B&B, a heavy bank of fog obliterated the dramatic island view. Then, suddenly, we all opened our eyes wide as a wonderful band of light arced across the sky. Someone declared, “A fogbow!”

p10-group-shotHere, in front of Stirling Castle, we all gathered with Robert the Bruce for a group shot.


When I shoot a group shot, I don’t want sky. I don’t want trees. And I don’t want feet. I want faces. These are the people with whom I shared a trip I’ll never forget. Holding my camera high, I can maximize the density of happy faces.