Pondering Fascism in 1930s Europe

Robert Kennedy Jr. wrote these words in 2003:

“Corporate capitalists do not want free markets, they want dependable profits, and their surest route is to crush competition by controlling government. The rise of fascism across Europe in the 1930s offers many informative lessons on how corporate power can undermine a democracy. In Spain, Germany and Italy, industrialists allied themselves with right-wing leaders who used the provocation of terrorist attacks, continual wars, and invocations of patriotism and homeland security to tame the press, muzzle criticism by opponents and turn government over to corporate control. Those governments tapped industrial executives to run ministries and poured government money into corporate coffers with lucrative contracts to prosecute wars and build infrastructure. They encouraged friendly corporations to swallow media outlets, and they enriched the wealthiest classes, privatized the commons and pared down constitutional rights, creating short-term prosperity through pollution-based profits and constant wars.”

I’ve been aching to make a TV special studying the story of Fascism in Europe during the 20th century. Now that our latest series is finished, I need to huddle with my crew and decide what we’ll produce next. Stumbling upon this quote got me thinking of lacing all the Nazi, Fascist, Holocaust, WWII, and Neo-Nazi sites together into an hour in hopes that we can learn from those difficult times… and never go there again.

Hitler's Eagle's Nest