Video: The Oyster Card Is Your Gateway to London’s Tube

Hello from London! I’m in South Kensington, my favorite home-base neighborhood. I just used an automated machine in the Tube station to get my Oyster card — a transit pass that gives local commuters (and travelers) access to the London Underground for about half-price. I saw how befuddled some tourists were with it, and I remembered that I, too, am hesitant to dive into a big city’s public transit system — until I actually do, and then everything goes much smoother.

In this little clip, I’ll show you how simple it is to push the buttons, slide in your money, and get a card loaded up with credit for lots of rides. Remember, with my Oyster card, I get six rides on the Tube for about the cost of one taxi ride…and I never need to wait in traffic. Plus, I’m in the fray with all the locals, and that’s more fun. (BTW, when you leave London, be sure to return your Oyster card. You’ll get a refund for your £5 deposit, and for any unused credit still on the card. It works great.)


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