Video: Homemade Tortelloni – A Love Story

I have an American friend, Steve Brenner, who is raising his beautiful family in Orvieto, Italy, for the quality of life and the family values. (He also runs a great hotel/hostel in Rome called The Beehive and curates private apartments at Cross-Pollinate.) Occasionally, Steve produces wonderful little videos celebrating that essence of small-town Italy.

In this fun little clip about the local pasta shop, just watch the fingers stuffing the tortelloni. Feel the passion, the love, the community…people living their lives intentionally, celebrating quality, struggling with how to feed the kids in a healthy way, and embracing that good old “small is beautiful” ethic.

 Steve writes: “I’m a big fan of making my own bread and pasta and think it’s worthwhile for everyone to learn — it’s easy, cheap, and for most people, what you can make at home is much better than anything you can buy from a store. However, it’s another story when you live next to a fresh pasta shop like La Bottega del Tortellino. For years we’ve enjoyed their ricotta and spinach ravioli at least once a week. We’ll get a few portions of tortellini to serve in broth, or the potato and taleggio cheese ravioli, which we’ll toss with butter and sage. Yes, this is what we get to eat when we’re too lazy to cook — fresh pasta, usually made that day. This video is a hometown story about changing careers, becoming professional pasta makers, competing with big business, a changing food culture in Italy, and of course, pasta!”

You can see more of Steve’s work on the Cross-Pollinate blog — and be sure to also check out his video about my evil twin, Nick Steves.