Berlin: A Rick Steves Guidebook is Born — The Backstory from Cameron Hewitt

Cameron Hewitt's notebooks

Photo: Cameron Hewitt

I am so thankful to have talented people to collaborate with. My lead co-author and Content Manager, Cameron Hewitt, has dedicated lots of energy to spearheading the production of a guidebook to a city we are both really passionate about: Berlin. Cameron sets a high bar when it comes to quality. He’s amazingly prolific. And he’s just written a fascinating blog entry telling what goes into a new Rick Steves guidebook. Reading it, I’m reminded what a talented team of guides, writers, and editors we’ve assembled — both in our Seattle headquarters and in Europe. I’m also reminded that we couldn’t lavish all this talent on these guidebooks without the support of you, our loyal traveling public. Thanks for buying our guidebooks, enjoying our work, and making it all possible. And enjoy Cameron’s behind-the-scenes peek at creating a new guidebook.