More Questions for Those of You Who Have Traveled Recently with My Guidebooks

POMisc_150We just finished our annual guidebook review, as we plan our 2014 research (for the 2015 editions). The basic skills of travel are evolving, with the on-the-road technology available to all of us these days, in the form of smartphones, tablets, and widespread Wi-Fi.  As we continue to update our many guidebooks, we have a few general questions:

  1. Do you find it helpful to have listings for Internet cafés (with actual terminals, not just Wi-Fi)?
  2. How are you finding hotels these days? My guidebook’s listings, websites (like TripAdvisor), calling ahead as you travel, local tourist offices and room-booking services, etc.? Our hunch is that people don’t use guidebook hotel listings while on the road as much as they used to.
  3. Is there any type of information we are missing in our guidebooks?
  4. Is there any type of information in our guidebooks that you do NOT use and would consider a waste of pages?

Thanks for your help.