London’s Anglesea Arms Pub

When in London, I like to stay in South Kensington. It’s a classy neighborhood — so elegant, my hotel is not allowed to put out a sign. It also has a quintessential British pub, the Anglesea Arms.

Along with beautiful Georgian architecture, the Anglesea Arms is filled with classy Londoners.


The Anglesea Arms Pub is everything a British pub should be, in my mind. Musty paintings and old-timers, beautiful people backlit, dogs wearing Union Jack vests, a long line of tempting tap handles advertising beers available, and flower boxes spilling color around picnic tables perfect for a warm summer evening. That’s why I recommend the Anglesea Arms in my London guidebook.


And for me, eating in a pub that takes its cooking seriously is the best deal in town. For £15 (just under $25), you get a delightful meal. When you consider the high cost of dining in London, the joy of immersing yourself in a neighborhood pub, and the quality of this dinner, this is a great value.

To top it off, we filmed an on-camera for our Travel Skills Special here. After a pint of beer, I was thankful I remembered my lines. Looking up from my meal and into the lens, I drilled home my point: “Unification does not threaten Europe’s diversity. In fact, that diversity is both as vivid as ever, and more accessible. Imagine: Today for lunch, it was quiche and fine French wine under the Eiffel Tower; for dinner, it’s pub grub and a hearty ale in a classic London pub. Here’s to diversity.”