Video: An Impromptu Musical Moment in Lausanne Cathedral

Every year, I travel to Europe to research and update my guidebooks. For well over a hundred days this year, I’ve enjoyed a parade of sights, tastes, sounds, and experiences. My trip is nearly over, and, while I can hardly wait to get home, I’m feeling like, “Oh, I better soak up all the European fun I can in these last hours.”

Impromptu moments have been a theme of this trip, and today was no different. As I was reviewing my guidebook entry for the towering Lausanne Cathedral, the organist was practicing. This particular organ has a unique arrangement — one set of keyboards up in the gallery and another in the nave, where the audience can have a close-up view of the organist. Surrounded by incredible architecture and the church’s Reformation heritage, I was inspired to record this little clip. Join me now, accompanied by some amazing organ music, in one of Switzerland’s leading churches.

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