Launching winter 2015 dates for 10 great European tour itineraries



For 30 years we’ve led our tours of Europe through “the season”–roughly April through October. And now, by popular demand from the many people who want cheaper airfares and the peace of off-season travel, we are ready to give “winterize” a whole new and happy meaning.

We’ve just launched our winter 2015 dates for 10 great itineraries. Why just 10? Not every destination is a good fit for February-March travel, but the ones we’ve chosen really transcend the seasons: Barcelona-Madrid, London, Paris, Rome, Venice-Florence-Rome, Heart of Italy, Sicily, Greece, Istanbul, and Turkey. For a smart traveler, when it comes to these exciting destinations, “winter” is a great idea.

Some of my warmest European memories have been in the off-season. We’d like to help you enjoy the same experiences this next February or March!