In Search of a Cure for Jet Lag

Many years ago, my son Andy got a particularly bad case of jet lag — and ended up asleep in his spaghetti.

andy steves

Jet lag hates bright light, exercise, and fresh air. To beat it, I sleep on the flight and then, once I arrive in Europe, I make it a point to be active, staying out and about until an early bedtime. Psychologically, it’s important to shift your mindset to European time when you shift the hour hand on your wristwatch. I admit, I love my Ambien. I take half a tablet to get 3 hours of sleep on the plane. At my hotel, I conk out easy at bedtime. But I wake up wired at about 4 a.m., so I take the rest of the tablet. That way I can sleep until breakfast, as I muscle myself onto a European schedule.

What are your best tips for minimizing jet lag?