Jan Steves and Her Dogs Are Champing at the Bit for Iditarod III

jan-steves-iditarod-finish-line-20140227When I was a kid, I remember my sister, Jan, was fanatic about two things: snow and dogs. She spent every moment she could on the slopes. And I’ll never forget the day when, while driving our mom’s car, Jan had to choose between running over a little dog and totaling the car by running into a telephone pole. That was the last time I saw my mom’s Plymouth Barracuda.

Now, 40 years later, Jan is still crazy about snow and dogs. (And I still get nervous when she borrows my car.) In fact, she has spent the winter training with her team of dogs in Alaska — and on Saturday, March 1st, she embarks upon her third Iditarod race. Jan is sharing her story in a wonderful blog at her “Living My Dream” website. I’m so proud of my sister, and I’ll be rooting her on as she sets off on her 1,100-mile trek through the vast expanses of Alaska, alone in the wilderness with her hearty and loyal team of dogs. It’s an amazing and inspirational adventure.  If you’d like to stow away on her sled and root her on, follow her Iditarod 2014 blog.