Italy’s Dizzy Amalfi Coast

There’s something about Italy’s Amalfi Coast that makes people put up with horrible traffic, high prices, and having to climb up and down every time you want to get somewhere. And yet, it’s been attracting holiday-goers for centuries.


With a million vistas, each one different, I could look out the window all day.


My favorite town to sleep in is Positano — much better than Amalfi or any other town on this stretch of coastline. It’s one of those places made to order for a romantic getaway. And late in May, the weather is just right.


In even the most resorty of places, you can always find a rosticceria, where classic local dishes are cooked up and ready for you to buy by the weight and take out. I don’t know a lot of Italian, but a key phrase I do know is “da portar via” — for the road. You can take your rosticceria meal down to the beach, grab a nice perch, and enjoy a cooked meal at not much more than picnic prices.


Ravello — famous for its views — is perched more than 1,000 feet above the Mediterranean. And it takes full advantage of every vista. This bar’s little balcony is at what’s called “The Terrace of Infinity.” When you go there, you’ll know why.