Italian Friends Stressed Out in Anticipation of a Flood of Rick Steves Travelers

Yesterday we closed down the office at Rick Steves’ Europe to gather our staff together — all 80 of us. This annual meeting ensures that we’re all working in sync, and that our staff knows what my vision is for the coming year. After my “state of the company” address, each department shares what’s new for them. The day was both long and exhilarating.

Our marketing team has had a particularly busy year, and to share all their accomplishments, they played a video of an Italian family on the receiving end of all the travelers we’re sending them. While subtitles are necessary if you don’t speak Italian, this fun report from Rich and Rhonda in our marketing department illustrates the impact our passion for making sure our travelers have a rich cultural experience is having on Europeans. As I like to be unguarded and candid here on my blog, I thought I’d give you this insider’s glimpse at what’s new with us and our impact on Europe.

The Italian folks we eavesdrop on here are girding for more American visitors than ever as they frantically discuss our new 100-show DVD anthology, our new tour catalog, the new website we are constructing, the joy of being able to stream our lectures online, and the new “unguided” option our My Way tours offer.

We broke from our annual huddle with each of us determined to help as many Americans as possible enjoy maximum travel thrills per mile, minute, and dollar in 2013… even if it might overwhelm our Italian friends.

Happy travels and buon viaggio!

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.