Democrat or Republican? Take Your Issues “Blind Taste Test” and Find Out


OK, I know you’re scared of Trump…or mad at Hillary. But — as Bill Clinton used to say about the economy — IT’S THE ISSUES, STUPID! The media would rather talk about sex and bluster — it’s good for ratings. (Politicians have learned that talking about the issues with actual details only causes problems.) But this election will have real consequences, and how we vote — Democrat or Republican — will shape our society. It’s much more than the president. It’s the Senate and the House of Representatives. There’s no right or wrong, other than understanding how each party stands on the issues that you care about and voting accordingly.

Here’s my challenge: Ignore the personality stuff and the silliness on the news. Compare each party’s stances on the issues to your beliefs. (It’s fair to say that candidates embrace their respective party platforms, and generally vote in lock step with these.) Take this issues “blind taste test,” make your choice — Democrat or Republican — and then vote.


25 Issues Party #1 Party #2
Climate change a hoax really important
National healthcare no (privatize it) yes (build on it)
Abortion pro-life pro-choice
Social Security more privatized status quo, public
Education privatize support public
Environment fewer safeguards more safeguards
Energy friendlier to oil friendlier to renewables
Foreign relations build walls build bridges
Immigration harder softer
United Nations bad good
Israel BFF with privileges friend with limits
Iran nuke deal no yes
Corporations fewer restrictions more restrictions
Banks fewer restrictions more restrictions
Taxing the wealthy less more
Taxing corporations less more
Inheritance tax end it keep it
Labor unions should be weaker should be stronger
Minimum wage no raise raise it
Marijuana status quo reclassify, liberalize
Supreme Court picks conservative liberal
Citizens United for against
Voter rights don’t expand expand
For-profit prisons allow end
Presidential candidate Trump Clinton


If you think this issues-based comparison might be helpful to others, please share it. Thanks, vote thoughtfully, and GHA (God help America).