Holy Land Webcast a Success

Whew! I’m back from the Holy Land and ready to put my focus back on Europe. Thanks for traveling with me on this adventure here on my blog. (My TV crew will now begin editing all that great footage into our upcoming Holy Land special.)

Last night, we streamed my homecoming lecture. And, while it was fun to have about 600 people in the auditorium, it was really exciting to have thousands of people “attending” virtually via our streaming of the event.

For those of you who did watch last night, I’d love some feedback both on the talk and on the tech end of it. How could I have made my lecture and slideshow more helpful as a primer for someone wanting to better understand the Holy Land? Also, how can we tweak the technology to make viewing a talk like this online better from your end?  I’ll enjoy your suggestions and comments.

By the way, many asked if we’re going to upload the lecture for later viewing online. We will certainly offer this lecture online (likely a later live presentation), but it’ll be coordinated with the fanfare we hope to generate with the release of our hour-long public television special (which we plan for this April). Stay tuned for more on that.