“Rick Steves’ The Holy Land”: Directors’ Cut with Commentary

I’ve always enjoyed “director’s cuts” of favorite movies or documentaries because you feel like you’re sitting casually with the host, director, and producer of the show as they reminisce and kibitz on “behind the camera” insights. And I’ve always wanted to record one so our viewers could get to know our producer/director Simon Griffith. If you enjoy our TV show and are interested in both how we make our shows and what it was like filming our Holy Land special in Israel and Palestine, here’s a chance to join me and Simon in a fun, candid, and intimate peek at our production process. As you watch this, you’ll better understand why I feel so thankful to be able to collaborate with an artist like Simon Griffith.

(You can watch Rick Steves’ The Holy Land with the normal audio anytime at ricksteves.com/holy-land.)