Happy Thanksgiving

It’s so nice to be home for Thanksgiving. One thing great about foreign travel: When you get back home…you’re really thankful. I hope you enjoy this little clip from my hometown — which I’m savoring with friends and family this holiday. (I’ve spent so much time in Europe, I get flamenco and flamingo mixed up!)

Speaking of Thanksgiving: Thanks to the more than 800 fans who have already responded to our Bread for the World Christmas Fundraiser Challenge (donating $100 to BFTW in return for three gifts from us and a promise that we’ll match their donation). But that means we still need 200 more people to help us make our goal of raising $100,000. With my matching donation — and if we hit this goal — a total of $200,000 will go to fighting hunger. Help us by donating to Bread for the World. What a great way to counter all the Black Friday frenzy with an initiative true to the meaning of the season. Thanks for joining us! And Happy Thanksgiving.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.