Groggy at Work After Our Tour Sales Milestone Party

Last night my staff and I met at a local restaurant for drinks and appetizers to celebrate an amazing-to-me milestone: We just sold a Rick Steves Tour to our 16,000th traveler this year–the most ever! What was supposed to be a quick, work-night happy hour became a celebration with many of us toasting late into the evening. My web producer (you know who you are!) even confessed to being a little hungover this morning.

I feel honored to be surrounded by talented professionals who I also consider friends. This video–taken at a staff party a few years ago–shows just how much fun we have together. This milestone would not have been possible without their dedication. I’m grateful they’re also a lot of fun. And I’m grateful we can still get out of the office and let our hair down. (After all, as a traveler, you’d want nothing less for your tour guide.)

I’m one of those 16,000 travelers. And, in a little more than a month, I’ll be meeting my guide, our bus driver, and my group somewhere in Europe (I’m keeping the tour I’m signed up on a bit of a secret) and kicking off a delightful European vacation.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.