Free Eurail Passes! (If You Donate to Bread for the World)

Here’s an exciting chance to support a good cause as part of your upcoming travels. To recognize our rail-pass sales success last year, Rail Europe has provided us with 30 Eurail Global Passes–specifically 15-day flexipasses, which give you first-class rail travel anywhere in the countries covered (that’s most of Europe) for any 15 days out of a two-month period, and are regularly priced at about $1,250.

I’ll give these passes for free to the first 30 travelers who each send us a $925 donation check for Bread for the World. Every cent of your check will go directly to support this great organization, and you’ll save about 25 percent over the normal price for this pass. Over the past 10 years, this annual initiative has raised $313,500 for Bread for the World. With your help, we’ll raise another $27,750 in 2014.

Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice speaking up for the needs of the poor and hungry in our country and around the world. In the last few years they have been heroic and very successful in helping to draw a “circle of protection” around our nation’s most vulnerable as our government chooses cuts on social services over higher taxes.

As our government strives to cut its deficit, many legislators are targeting programs that are vital to homeless, hungry, and “working poor” Americans struggling to feed and educate their children while keeping them healthy. Bread for the World reminds our legislators of the human consequences of their votes–of their real-life effects on the poorest and weakest of our citizens. That’s why I’m particularly enthusiastic this year about giving you a rail pass as thanks for generously supporting Bread’s mission.

If you’re interested in Bread’s work, visit their website []. And if you (or anyone you know) care about the struggles of hungry people–and would like to get what amounts to a free Eurail pass for helping out–consider being a part of our 2014 initiative. Visit our website for all the exciting details (please note that your order must be made with our mail-in Charity Pass Order Form). Thanks.