Facebook Blowout: Rick Steves’ Europe Season VII DVD for $2


I’m back home now, but already getting ready to fly away again — and I feel like celebrating Europe with all my traveling Blog and Facebook friends who’ve followed my latest trip. Starting next week, I’ll be back in Europe (Scotland, France, Germany, Northern Europe cruise, Russia, Iceland, and more). You’re probably not going, and that’s a shame. So, to make it up, I’m offering five hours of travel joy for just two bucks. You can snare our entire new TV series — a two-DVD set with 11 gorgeous, high-definition episodes (10 on Europe’s great cities — London, Paris, Venice, Florence, and Rome — plus an episode on North England, including the Cumbrian Lakes, Hadrian’s Wall, and Durham) — not for the regular $24.99, but for just $2 (plus $6 shipping).

Here’s the deal: We’ll offer this blowout for 24 hours through this link only (not via my website) until 5 p.m. PDT, Tuesday, June 25. I know it’s a drag, but regular shipping fees apply. You and your friends can buy up to three at this price, and we’ll get you your DVD set of travel dreams within 2 weeks. Thanks and enjoy!

BTW, there are a lot of you, so if the shopping cart is slow, just check back.