Face Down in My Knuckle of Pork

Last month, while filming our new Travel Skills Special, I was at the beloved-among-beer-drinkers Andechs Monastery an hour south of Munich. Our intent was to talk about “going local” when eating. And in Bavaria, what’s more local than a knuckle of pork, spiral-cut radishes, sauerkraut, a huge pretzel, and a liter of beer. We had fun shooting me buying all of this and then delivering my lines. But eating the entire thing would have done me in. So, the big on-camera lunch actually ended up feeding our entire crew. But each man, of course, got his own big beer.

By the way, of all the great German beers, Andechs is my favorite. You can eat at an Andechs beer hall in downtown Munich or, more memorably, take a side-trip to this church-capped hill at the foot of the Alps and enjoy an amazing scene right at the monastery.

(Photos by Didrik Johnck, our second cameraman on this shoot.)