Evergreen: A Documentary in Need of Green and a Plea for Help

I’ll always remember 2012 as the year I jumped into the political trenches and helped our state legalize marijuana (by passing Initiative 502 in November). It was a fascinating story that caught the nation’s attention. While in Washington DC for the inauguration last month, my senator got me into a high-society party to proudly introduce me to other senators as a key player in our state’s legislative triumph.

But just a few months ago, legalization was far from a sure thing. All along the road, two scrappy documentary filmmakers were there with their cameras rolling. Riley Morton and Nils Cowan sensed history in the making and committed months of hard work to producing Evergreen, a one-hour documentary telling the story of how marijuana became legal in Washington State (the Evergreen State, by the way). If we lost the election, their work would have been wasted. But we won, and they alone were there from the start to show how it happened. (And it wasn’t a smooth ride!)

They have an impressive trailer (see below) and are now in the final stretch of their mission. But film production is expensive, and they need to raise $36,000 to make it happen. Watch their trailer for a sense of the film. And, if so inspired, I’d encourage you to visit their press release and help them out.

Among drug policy reformers, the entire country (and even Europe) is looking at Washington State and Colorado for a smart example on moving forward out of our war on pot. And this movie will help… but only if Riley and Nils can complete it. Thanks.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.