Escaping Amsterdam with an Idyllic Countryside Canal Canoe Trip

I’ve recommended Majel Tromp’s Wetlands Safari tours in my guidebook for over a decade. And I filmed a segment with Majel years ago, when 60 Minutes did a feature on my work. It was so beautiful, I wanted to get the experience into one of our travel shows. And on this trip, it worked out perfectly.

For a little break from the Amsterdam scene, we headed into the polderland just half an hour north of the city for a canoe ride. Gliding along the canals, where the homes face the water and everyone has their own little boat, was a delight.

When we finished filming the canoe ride, Majel surprised us with a grand picnic dinner on a remote island. After putting away the dishes, we turned her tablecloth tarp into a big bedspread and took a scenic nap. I truly savored the moment, knowing that we had two great shows — one on the Netherlands and one on the great city of Amsterdam — in the can. They’ll be seen all over the USA this fall.


To film Majel’s canoe trip, we waited until “the magic hour” — with low light and warm colors late in the evening.



To reach the prettiest canals, we had to pack into Majel’s car for a quick drive into the countryside.



I want one of these for my yard.



If you give your ducks a comfy home, you never need to wonder where your duck eggs are.



After a busy 12 days filming all around the Netherlands, our crew enjoyed a hard-earned rest.