Argentinean Steak, Good Enough To Convert Any Vegetarian

Jackie Steves is guest-hosting her Dad’s blog with 17 posts in 17 days. Follow the adventures of Andy and Jackie Steves as they ‘ the first Steves to venture into South America ‘ report on their experience.

After a hearty lunch of pesto tagliatelle and French fries (both could actually be considered Argentinean foods because of its history of fluxes of immigrants from both places), we visited MALBA, the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires. Waiting in the long line to get in was worth it to see the museum’s small but delightful exhibit. A substantial number of photographs by Mapplethorpe, one of my favorites, struck my fancy.

We explored Calle Florida, which felt like the Champs-Elysées of Buenos Aires, packed with pedestrians and high-class shops. We entered Galerías Pacífico, a fancy mall to get to Centro Cultural Borges for three floors of photography exhibits.

On our long walk back across downtown we were surprised NOT to witness a crash, as rush hour traffic here is crazy! They have especially wide avenidas, and during certain times of day, gridlock is so bad that only a couple of cars can squeeze through at each green light.

We went to a classy steakhouse (not all-you-can-eat) to commemorate our final night in Buenos Aires with Nicole. We ordered just two steaks between the three of us, which turned out to be huge slabs of perfectly seared beef on wooden boards framed by 10 “sides” ‘ ramekins of, for instance, sundried tomato or mustard sauce.

As a flexitarian for environmental reasons, my guilt over contributing to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions by creating more demand for cow products was overshadowed by how much I enjoyed this blissful Argentinean beef. Steak, wine, and warm chocolate cake made this one big aphrodisiac/endorphin-producing meal, and it showed on our faces.

The cold rain here and Nicole’s hype about Rio made us so excited for our next destination, a sunny city of beautiful people who really know how to embrace the sweet life.