8 Cities in 8 Days – Keep on Travelin’!

Rick Steves Sold Out SignI am at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre at a WGBH event, midway through an exciting eight-cities-in-eight-days lecture tour — and every night we have a sold-out house. It feels great to be connecting with travelers so enthusiastic about their travels. I’m also appreciating the wonderful early 20th-century theaters that caring communities have saved and are now enjoying. So far, I’ve been to the Keswick Theatre in Philadelphia, the Baird Auditorium at the Smithsonian in Washington DC, the classic old Music Hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and the Wilbur in Boston. Coming up: Houston, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Florida, and then home to Seattle.

Many of the events are fundraisers for public television. In the face of a government that is opposed to anything with the word “public” in it, I’ve witnessed a powerful energy for this important community resource. Yes! It is worth $1.35 per citizen in tax revenue for a great nation like ours to have one oasis on the media dial that is non-commercial. Thanks to public broadcasting on radio and TV, our communities can enjoy programming that assumes an attention span, respects our intellect, and is driven not by a passion for keeping advertisers happy, but by a passion for educating and inspiring us to embrace life and celebrate diversity. Please, raise your voice for a smarter and less fearful society… raise your voice for public broadcasting.