100,000 friends and growing…and so is my donation

Wow, our “$100k for 100k friends” hunger initiative has inspired a frenzy of friending. I thought it would take days (not hours!) to reach this goal. You blindsided me. Thank you…and let’s keep going!

The full scope of Bread for the World’s innovative campaign against hunger and poverty launches on October 2nd, and that’s when I’ll write them the check. So, let’s make it out for this amount:

$1 for every “like” I have on the Rick Steves Facebook page as of midnight, October 1st.

How far above $100,000 will we go? That’s up to you…with a little help from your friends. As I post this, we’re at $102,200.

Please share the Facebook post, and make me write a bigger check.

To learn more about this exciting initiative, see the September 26th post on my Blog and Facebook Timeline.

Watch the 3-minute videos from Mitt Romney and Barack Obama that explain their plans for fighting hunger and poverty in America. (You won’t find the candidates talking directly about this important issue elsewhere as it doesn’t “poll well.”) I found it fascinating to examine each candidate’s carefully chosen words on this subject. You can, too.

Share this post, watch the videos, and let’s get more “likes.”